Phuket Beaches – here’s the breakdown on all the beaches

3 weeks in Phuket gives you plenty of time to check out all the hot spots, secluded spots and some of Phukets hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by you.

As Globetrotting Couples Wayne & Elena found there is more to Phuket than bars and shows.
The first thing you want to do is find a great base. For us its Samkong Place, however if its beach you want it maybe a little further away. But if its value for money and you don’t mind zipping around the island as we did, this could be the place for you too.
Samkong Place is just 500m from Bangkok Hospital here on the edge of Old Phuket Town.
Ok here’s the breakdown on the beaches.
Starting at the top of the Island

Saikaew Beach Nothern Phuket
Saikaew and Mai Kaho Beaches
These with out a doubt ate the most isolated beaches on the island.
Located just north of the international airport and accessible from highway 402 which is the main highway from Phuket Town to the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

The water here is perfect and clear with a view of 3m or more
This is a good place to pack some snacks in a bag and head off to for a day trip. While your this far north why not have lunch on the mainland as we did.

Sarasin Bridge conects Thailand To Phuket

Cross the Sarasin Bridge and literally take the first exit and head straight back to the waters edge.

Thanoon Seafood cooks up a great feed, right on the edge of the mainland. Grab a coconut and salad and gaze across the water to Phuket Island.

Nai Yang Beach
Within 2km from the Airport, this is a daily isolated beach, however you will find the tourists here.the beach (as with most south from here) are lined with sun loungers and umbrellas for your comfort, or you can be like us and not pay the 150THB per each and just spread out on the sand. Like most of the beaches Nai Yang Has clear water and had a shallow entrance which is great for kids.

Dogon Bang Tao Beach Phuket


Naithon Beach 
This is our favorite beach. Wayne discovered this beach purely by accident while scooting around the island on the week before Elena arrived and bragged about it so much. Go to Peters Cafe and bar at the northern end of the beach. It’s the most basic on the beach, but cooks a great Mango pancake and makes an excellent coconut milkshake. Naithon is the beach we swam at the most in our 3 week stay here. With a quaint seaside village and resort flanking the hills at either end of the 1.5km beach and its pine tree lined beach this place is truly Phuket Paradise and one of the best kept secrets of Phuket.

Nai Thorn Beach Phuket

Bang Tao Beach 
This is the largest beach on the Island. Boasting a scattering of restaurants right in the waters edge. This was Elena’s favorite place to dine and watch the sunset on the ocean. With plenty of beach you can spread out and pick your spot. The loungers are everywhere, just be sure who they belong to. Being European we sat on loungers that belonged to a hotel chain while eating freshly BBQ sweetcorn and no one came to either ask us to pay or move on… Guess we looked like we belong here.. Surin Beach Small and elusive. It’s one beach that’s on all the signposts but not easy to find. This is the oldest tourist beach on the Island and is lined with pine trees for that extra shade in the afternoon.

View from Big Bhudda Karon and KataBeach Phuket

Kamala Beach 
Just north of Patong and a quick escape from the crowds. Kamala has soft sand and a little more space than its southern rival.

Bang Tao Beach Phuket

Patong Beach 
This is the one beach that is world famous, although its more known for its bars and vibrant nightlife. The beach by day is void of any go go girls but you can get a massage on the beach. Patong is the mist crowded beach on Phuket, so not the pick of the bunch for us. But if people watching is your thing it might be up your ally. With its easy access to the street behind you will want for nothing here.

Sunset Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Karon Beach 
One beach I won’t forget… This is were I slept one night after staggering out of friends bar at 4am. Karon is a great beach, just over the hill to the south from Patong. With its lazy days and vibrant night’s its a good mix without being over the top. We stayed one night here, but recommend that if you’re on a budget check the place out before you stay (see blog … Karon beach cost comparison) One more thing…if you plan to stay at Karon and want to Patong on a local bus, forget it. The local taxi mafia run this part of the island and you will be held to ransom with no room for negotiation.

Dinner on Bang Tho Bay Phuket

Kata Beach 
This is the most southern beach that most tourists who cruze the west coast will venture too. It’s quiet and most of the beach is flanked by huge resorts,but if you go to the very end of thd road there is room to park your scooter and head to the beach.

Nai Harn Beach Phuket2

Nai Harn Beach 
A favorite with locals and tourists alike. With is fresh water lagoon that flows to the ocean, or makes a shallow place for children to play. This beach is perfectly located for a sunset swim, or if you like you can jump on the scooter and head up the hill to Promthep Cape lighthouse to watch the sun go down.

Prothep Cape looking on to Nai Harn Beach

Yanui Beach 
This was the very first beach that we swam at here in Phuket. It’s probably the smallest beach, bet its a great spot. With a small rock on the waters edge in the center of the beach it makes a good place for kids to explore and creates the perfect backdrop for that special wedding photo.

Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Rawai Beach 
Not really a place to swim, but the best place for freshly cooked fish. Our lunch consisted of one whole Parrot Fish, Tiger Prawns and Clams with fried rice…. So much food and under $20AUD…now that’s a bargain.

Rawai Beach - Phuket - Cooked Fish

Chalong Bay
Once again, this side of the island is not suited for swimming. The pier is a nice walk, but the building at the end looks new yet sadly there are no businesses located here. Would make a great location for someone who operated as a bar, coffee shop, booking agent for fishing charters etc. The street leading to the pier had a good selection of local street food ans is well worth stopping the lunch.

Rawai Beach - Phuket

Old Phuket Town Beaches
Sadly there are no good swimming beaches here on this section of the island, however grab some lunch and a picnic blanket and head off down to the park by the beach on the southern end of tow.. its a great place to stretch out on a blanket with a book a beer and plenty of shade under the trees.

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