When you’re travelling you get asked some interesting questions….

How can you afford to travel?

​​I wise person once told us there ore only 2 ways to make money. Either find a good job and get promoted through the ranks or find a way to spend less from what you currently earn. We chose a bit of both. With good jobs we saved and cut back on our spending. If you are really and truly honest with yourselves you can obtain freedom this way.

What about my electronics, will they work overseas?

With the Electronics and phone getting more and more popular as a means of communication we need to be mindful of whether the equipment we have splashed out large sums of well earned cash for will work in the countries that we plan to visit. there are many sites that can guide you through. We give advise only on first hand experience on where we have been and what we know works and what wont… More.

Whats a good way to make money while traveling?

Having hosted many people from the Couch Surfing Community  the easiest work seems to be fruit picking, but it’s physical work with small reward. You are better to work on some project before you travel that we give you a passive residual income while on the road. Our experience is to buy shares and use the dividends and to use the internet to develop small regular streams of income. For example – Design Websites and charge small business to manage their online business. If you have an IT background you have a transferable skill – Use it!

Is renting an apartment overseas a good idea?

​If your looking for long term travel this makes perfect sense  we are planning to travel back to Germany and know that we will be renting a small apartment and using it as our base camp while travelling around the country.

I thought about volunteering, what do you think?

​Do it! for once in your life give something back. This is how we plan to move around various countries. We have found many volunteering communities that have a wide range of requests for help. From Building projects in Africa to Teaching English in Luxury Private resorts in Europe this places offer food and accommodation at either a reduced rate or free in exchange for you talents and help.

How do I choose a good digital camera for travel?

​When looking into Digital there are pros and cons when it comes to traveling. One is the size and two is what are you going to be taking pictures of. Unless you are a wildlife nut you are not going to need a telephoto lens, so save your money and stop looking for every lens that is made – you won’t need half the stuff on the market.

Make sure you get a good body.  After looking at a lot of options on the market I settled between two brands Cannon or Nikon. Both are great, but remember that the lenses are not interchangeable  between brands. There are some generic brand lenses that can be cheaper but you do get what you pay for.​… More.

Is Couch Surfing safe?

​Yes, despite the initial fears when hosting we have only had positive experiences with those that had stayed with us. When traveling we are selective with whom we stay and we recommend that you join and we will continue to use this great tool in the future.


Questions, Answers, Delights and Horror Stories  – we want to hear all, so please comment about your travel experiences.

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