Dental Tours to Thailand

Dental Tours to Thailand

Thailand is at the forefront of Asia’s fastest growing cosmetic tourist industry. Thailand leads the way with International Standards Organization (ISO) accredited Hospitals throughout the country. With internationally trained practitioners we embark on one of our largest projects so far. …Starting out own tours to Thailand.

It’s been something that we have both discussed since returning from Thailand in Febuary of 2013.

Having discovered how good and cost effective getting dental work done in Phuket we thought that we would look into establishing a tour business. We both have degrees in Travel and Tourism. And now having lived the experience of having dental work completed in Thailand, who would be more qualified that us.

After mentioning the process to a few of my customers in my “real” job. (Yeah I know I work a 40 hour week) when I mentioned to a customer Maria and her partner about our travels and listened to their story. Maria is from Barcelona and as she speaks fluent Spanish I joked and offered her a trade, teach us Spanish and we can guide you through some of the countries we have been and give you a heads up. I never mentioned the whole dental experience.

Well that was a couple of weeks ago. Today I get and email from our web email that I want to share with you all.

Hey guys! My name is Maria,  my partner and I met Wayne at the paint store a week ago and told us about your blog/website. I absolutely love it, heaps of tips and great info. Well done you guys!

We’re going to Langkawi and from there off to Thailand at the end of June and we wanted to get some dental done, but I have no idea where to look and we figure it is best if someone can recommend us a dental practice where they’ve been. I saw you guys have done it, so I was wondering if you can give us some advice? We would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot 🙂


“We’ve been there and gone through procedures ourselves and highly recommend dental treatment in Thailand. Come with us on your dental and cosmetic holiday” – Wayne & Elena” My first thoughts were dodgy backyard dentist, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The dentists we used were trained to international ISO standards. That better than some dentists back home in Australia.

Here’s my response and it’s a response to anyone who is considering a trip to Thailand. We are able to organise accommodation  transfers, scooter hire and assist with your Dental requirements  We hope to have a separate website that will cater for this ever growing market soon and we will let everyone know once we are fully up and running.

Hey Guys, glad that you liked our little site. It’s growing slowly as we prepare for our journey. Any comments/ questions we welcome.

We would be delighted to share our experience with you about the dental industry in Phuket as this is where we went.
As you have probably read on our site, we have travel backgrounds and both have degrees in Travel and Tourism and are investigating the very real opportunity into the cosmetic tours industry primarily in South East Asia.
We want to give you as much information as we possibly can so if we happen to overlook something just ask 🙂
Ok here goes…
1) The first thing you will need to do is go to your dentist and get a quote on the work you want to get done. You may need to have xrays depending on the procedure you want.
2) Then select the Dentist in Thailand and obtain their contact information so that you can send your dental records to them.
3) You will have to ask your dentist in Australia for your records and some are reluctant to hand out the information once they know that they are not going to make money off you.
4) So, to get around this you give your local dentist a letter with your signature stating that you authorise your dentist in Thailand to obtain your records and sign a release of information with your local dentist.
5) Once the Dentist in Thailand has the information they will prepare a quote for you to consider. In this quote you may be asked to pay a deposit – I didn’t. I simply ignored and requested the Dentist to make booking times for me based on my holiday dates.
6) Once you have booked your appointment times you will get an email confirming the dates and the Dentist who will be performing your dental procedure.
7) Two weeks before you are scheduled for your first appointment, call the Dentist in Thailand and confirm that you are booked in for the times as per your email.
If you are considering dental treatment why not have a holiday in Phuket at the same time – contact us via our Dental Tours website.
It’s all pretty painless and simple. The dentists we used were professional and had the most caring nature. Remember we have done this and are happy with the result. So don’t get too bogged down with the detail, use our experience and inside knowledge to make it both easy on you and you wallet.
If you’re planning to go to Phuket then we can really help with accommodation and which hospital to use. We loved Phuket and honestly would like to base ourselves there for a few months once travelling.
More than happy to meet with you both to discuss further… contact us
Our go to our Dental Tours Thailand Website

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