Would you spend a week blind?

Would you spend a week blind?

This is my little brother John in happier days with his guide dog Gregan. Sadly Gregan was attacked several time by a pack of stray dogs that wander the streets of the small town where he lives. Gregan became untrustworthy as a guide companion to John and had to be decommissioned. Because Gregan belongs to the Blind Association, John was not able to keep Gregan as a pet. Now he uses a cane to navigate his way around.

I’m doing this for my little brother who I haven’t seen in over 10 years.

John is legally blind and has only 3% vision left.
He had a guide dog (Gregan) but as John lives in a small town that is rampant with stray dogs, Gregan was attacked on 3 occasions and is now “decommisioned” as guide dog as his temperment is to run away from other dogs.
So…. My bother is confined to a life with a white cane.
Last weekI set a challenge to go one week without social media and “Tagged” John in…

This was his responce..

“Given that I dont drive and taking a walk to the shops can be a challenge I then challenge you to go a week in a blindfold as My vision is now at a point where it dosnt even span the width of my monitor of my pc. Grab yourself a stick as long it reaches your breast bone from the ground it will serve as a cane and go for broke mate. What many dont realize is this is my chatting with others. this is my socialising and having a laugh. this is how i invite mates over for a coffee because it is completely set up for me to be able to communicate with the outside world. I now have 3% visual feild and I still enjoy life to the fullest but when Im stuck at home I like a good chat and this it the tool I have but by all means take up my challenge and see how your week works out. Just mind out worksafe dont give you too much of a hard time working around just about anything. Been there done that lol.”

So…I’m taking this challenge, and will be walking around Brisbane… Blind. I’ll take the bus to the city, I’ll be recording the event. I want to feel my little brothers daily struggle.

My goal…
To rasie enough money to bring my blind brother from New Zealand to Brisbane Australia and book us in to get a tatoo together…. (it will be my first)

Before he looses that last of is vision.
The funds needed are for
Passport (John has never flown)
and our Tattoos

I’ll be wearing my shirt

John knows nothing of this…. It’s all a supprise to him.

Please help, or take up the challaege and spend a day blind.

Love you Little Brother….

Please donate via GoFundMe. www.gofundme.com/blindbrothers


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