Visit Seville in Southern Spain

Visit Seville in Southern Spain

Leaving the cave in Granada our next stop would be the city of Seville. My darling wife decided it would be fun for me to drive and since I agreed (while in Australia) I never contemplated the difficulty of driving on the other side of the road in a foreign city. Not only that, you also have to contend with little narrow streets when you get lost.

Driving on the highway was really easy, it was only when we got off the beaten track and decided to explore small the small towns of Sentinel and Rhonda did we start to lose our way. With a lot of yelling and screaming, tears and tantrums from the both of us did we discover the joys of driving in a foreign country. Needless to say we’ve decided that in future we will stick to public transport when coming to Europe.

After going around the roundabout several times and trying to get off on the right exit I got us totally lost while trying to drop the car off at the rental depot.

How do you reply to a guy who says “and how was your trip?” when dropping off the keys. The drive was done and now not talking to each other we had to make our way to our hotel.

The city map app that we had on our phone guided us to where we needed to be. That little app was a game changer for us and started to take some of the stress out of the day.

We had nothing planned for Seville as this would be a last city in Spain. In a few days time we’d be flying to Marrakesh in Morocco.

Elena being the little research hound that she is found a great place to stay. Being centrally located to the old part of the city and gave us an opportunity to explore once again.

One of the cool things I’ve discovered in Seville is the use of public transport, they use light rail and unlike at home in Australia where there are separate designated areas the light rail runs right through the walking street which is also for cyclists and everyone gets on in perfect harmony

One of the best places we found to check out was Plaza de España,  this place is massive and is a semi circular building inside a large park. The building was used as a backdrop at the Star Wars movie Rogue One and has the most beautiful tiled mosaic depicting all of the cities in Spain. If you’re looking for a particular city, just remember it’s in alphabetical order. You can take a boat ride and hire yourself a small row boat. The Plaza is alive with street performers and horse and cart rides that will take you through the city and return you to the Plaza.

The Boutike Hostel – Seville. What an awesome place to stay. Sales y Ferré, 18, Casco Antiguo, Sevilla, 41001, Spain

When in Spain there are bakeries everywhere and Elena discovered an awesome one just around the corner from where we were staying, problem was she mistranslated the name from Spanish to English and in her mind the bakery was called “horny grandmother” but it’s real translation was “grandfathers oven” and every day we made sure we went and saw “The Horny Grandmother”…. after all she had such beautiful buns.


The mosaic tiles surrounding Plaza de Sevilla were just works of art. Each depicting a scene reminiscent of battles and politics of the past


From all the cities villages and towns its real hard to choose a winner, Seville certainly is more metropolitan than the likes of Granada and Cordoba. I do feel cheated, our time in Spain was short but the memories will remain for a long time to come.

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    1. Yes, Seville is simply spectacular, and a place we know that we’ll return to in the not too distant future. Southern Spain…. Lets live there!

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