Tulum Gran Cenote -Underwater Caves

Tulum Gran Cenote -Underwater Caves

I’m incredibly sore today after yesterday afternoons antics of walking into a pole and almost breaking a rib.

This morning we’re spending time at the Tulum Myan Ruins, so this afternoon we’re going to cool things down a little by grabbing a taxi and heading inland to one of the Yucatan’s famous waterholes. Characteristic of the Yucatan Peninsula, cenotes are natural sinkholes that form when the roof of a cavern collapses. The Mayans believed the mysterious formations were entrances to the underworld.

Seriously you have to see to believe how crystal clear the water is here, it’s spellbinding and it takes your breath away. For me it’s a little cold as the water is coming up from underground and I’m finding it difficult to swim with my ribs feeling like I’ve survived a boxing match. There are ropes for children to hold on to and pull themselves through the caves, so I’m taking full advantage.

Elena is taking to the caves like a duck to water and keeps disappearing and then reappearing form a different entrance. These cave systems are massive and there are hundreds of Cenote’s around the area.

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