How to start travelling

How to start travelling

Getting Started – Simple steps to get you on the right path to living your life free​

Sometimes your just have to wake up to realize that a “normal” 9-5 job wont allow you the freedom to travel the globe when you want and go to the places that are in your dreams.

Step 1 – Make the decision to travel

That sounds easy but once you understand the reality of your decision you need to focus your mind and start to make things happen  Remember what you put into this new venture is exactly what you will get out if it.

Step 2 – Sell what you don’t need

We mean what you don’t need, our book covers this topic in detail.

We sold our car that we were paying off and bought a cheaper car. In doing this we saved $20.000 Dollars in loan repayments!

Cars, clothes, furniture – can all be sold, you won’t need much when you travel

Step 3 – Clear your debts

This is the downer that everyone stumbles on and starts to think that they will never be able to afford to travel – WRONG – this is the reason we are changing our lives, so many of our debts are directly connected to us staying in one place. House loans/rent, power, water, phones are all connected to where YOU live right now. We cover this in our book in more detail

Step 4 – Plot your course

This is the fun stuff, deciding where you will go and for how long. It involves budgeting, planning your journey and watching the money build up in the savings as you watch what happens should you follow the steps laid out here.

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