Espiritu Santo – The Dream

Espiritu Santo – The Dream

Champagne Beach – 15 minutes drive from our place!

Continually I’m calling anything we discuss about our new acquisition in Espiritu Santo just plain old Santo. It’s a name locals use and it’s our love for our new home that we too have adopted the name.

I have to be honest, it’s the name for the island and a general name… Elena and I have a name for our property but as we develop the land the name for our island paradise project is a guarded secret to us until we get the signs above the gate.

Beautiful white sand beaches and inlets are everywhere on Espiritu Santo.

Elena is 2 1/2 weeks into her trip home to see her family in Chelyabinsk Russia and will be home on Friday. Then it’s straight into our planning for Santo.

Our next scheduled trip to Santo is in November as we plan to take Elena’s mother and a few friends to camp on our land for the very first time.

The goal is to survey our land and get an idea of where to place buildings and of corse to show our friends and family the beauty of what soon will be our home.

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This is it… Our very own beach! – Yes it’s ours, unbelievable but true.

With its quiet lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere, Santo is worlds away from all the conflicts that are currently consuming world media. It’s nice to know there are some places on the planet that have a slower pace of life.

Roll on November

We can’t wait to get back to Santo


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