Accomodation Best Places To Retire Abroad

Best Places To Retire Abroad

As I turned 50 couple of months ago, it’s set me thinking about retirement. The thoughts of living overseas are now the main motivation to returning to my job each day. Cheaper and more convenient air travel has made the world smaller – so you no longer need to say farewell to your family forever …

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Advice Dental Tours to Thailand

Dental Tours to Thailand

Thailand is at the forefront of Asia’s fastest growing cosmetic tourist industry. Thailand leads the way with International Standards Organization (ISO) accredited Hospitals throughout the country. With internationally trained practitioners we embark on one of our largest projects so far. …Starting out own tours to Thailand. It’s been something that we have both discussed since returning from …

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Asia Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

When Elena asked me what I want to do for my 50th birthday I was faced with simple choices and really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to stay at home and have a party with friends which I seem to do every year. But this is my 50th …

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Attractions 14 Natural Swimming Pools You Must See

14 Natural Swimming Pools You Must See

1. Eco-Arqueological Park Ik Kil – Chichen Itza, Mexico    Ik Kil Cenote, (some refer to it as ikil cenote) is a deep natural pit usually open to the sky (formed by the collapsing of a cave), Mexico has a special name for those kind of places: “cenote” -taken from Mayan language word for a well. some Cenotes were a sacred, Young men and women were …

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Accomodation The best place to ride motorbikes in Thailand

The best place to ride motorbikes in Thailand

There is only one place for me. The Mae Hong Son 1864 Curves motorbike ride Ok, let’s get this right the 1864 curves are from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. However if you ride the complete loop (as we did) there are over 3700 curves, throw in a trip to Rak Thai, a little …

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Advice Favourite Beers of Thailand

Favourite Beers of Thailand

Beers of Thailand After my good friend trying to keep up with me or was it me keeping up with him in. Phuket it’s become apparent the I need to write a blog on beers in Thailand. There are some distinct brand here that are the mainstay of Thai the drinking culture. Omg is there …

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Advice Top 10 cheapest things to do in Thailand

Top 10 cheapest things to do in Thailand

Top 10 cheapest things to do in Thailand There is so much to do in Thailand and so much of it can be done on a shoestring budget. So if your like us and a little thrift with the hard earned cash for you holiday and want to maximise you dollars here’s a few great …

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Advice Another Fish Spa Experience

Another Fish Spa Experience

Finding a fish spa in Chiang Mai is no easy task unless you know where to find them. It seems that fish spas are more popular in Malaysia and in the tourist area such a Phuket . We found that most of them have congregated to a small pocket of the city on the outer …

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Mae Hong Son Loop Motorbikes of Thailand

Motorbikes of Thailand

Being an avid motorbike enthusiast I thought is was about time I sat sown and etched out a blog about all the crazy little bikes that are everywhere in Thailand. We’ve hired a few on the trips that we’ve had here and although I ride a large 1300cc in Australia and tow a trailer with …

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Phuket Good bye Phuket

Good bye Phuket

Our last day in Phuket Rising early and letting Elena sleep I managed to catch up on a little blogging and spend time chatting to a friend who’s travelling through New Zealand. With no set plans I joked about maybe seeing a ladyboy show as at this point we’ve yet to take in a show …

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