Accomodation Hotel Review – Singapore

Hotel Review – Singapore

Singapore’s a great place to stop on the way to Europe or as a first taste of Asia. We’ve been here several times and each time there is something new to explore The hotels here are mixed, some that we have stayed at in the past are now relics of the past and demolished to make way …

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Asia Our Fish Spa Experience

Our Fish Spa Experience

Have you ever seen them? The little tanks outside the massage places in Asia. Being no stranger to Thai massage we decided that we would give the Fish Spa a go. Our first experience with the Fish Spa was on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia. The feeling of tiny little fish nibbling on your feet …

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Singapore Singapore 2012 Part 4 – Sentosa Island

Singapore 2012 Part 4 – Sentosa Island

With Elena heading out the door like Cinderella off to her ball I was faced with a dilemma. Should I stay in or go out again as I still had not ate anything for dinner. Even though I was exhausted from the days events I just had to eat, so slipping my now swollen feet …

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Singapore Singapore 2012 Part 3

Singapore 2012 Part 3

Thinking that I had plenty of time I casually strolled toward Marina Bay Sands. Elena and I had discussed that we were to meet by the large Channel sign that we could see from the other side of the bay the previous evening. I crossed the causeway that linked the complex to the hotels where …

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Singapore Singapore 2012 Part 2

Singapore 2012 Part 2

There is only two ways that we are going to travel around Singapore MRT rail or using something that we were born with two good feet. Elena is here for a work conference, well that’s what we are told but knowing the company she works for like I do (I worked for them in the …

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Singapore Singapore July 2012

Singapore July 2012

Wednesday, its 2 days before we embark on our journey that will take us through 4 countries over the next month. Times have been stressed of late. Our son has moved out after a huge quarrel and is now moving back home to look after our pets while we are away. the bike is causing …

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