Attractions Santo Signals

Santo Signals

There are those rare moments when you think “yes I’m meant to be in this place at this particular moment in time”. These moments come, and when you recognise them in your life a surreal magic happens. But before we get to last nights magical moment I need to bring you up to speed. Everyone …

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Vanuatu Pro Medical Vanuatu – Donations

Pro Medical Vanuatu – Donations

Ok so you’ve booked your flights and have decided to head off to the island of Espiritu Santo Vanuatu for a little rest and relaxation. You’ve organised everything and paid for your travel insurance in case anything happens to you while you’re on holiday. Everything you’ve done is right but the one thing that I …

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Uncategorized Natanara Beach – Planting the seeds of the future

Natanara Beach – Planting the seeds of the future

Yesterday was a day of many firsts and a day to be remembered as we celebrated and revelled in our somewhat small accomplishments of the day. Like most days here on this tropical paradise Espiritu Santo has no regard of time, each day just evolves and we roll with what ever it is that we …

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Accomodation Settling on Santo.

Settling on Santo.

Today marks a huge turning point in our lives. Today we’ll set foot on the land that we bought just a couple of months ago. Emotions are mixed, Elena told me last night that the whole project is daunting and the worries are now setting in. The rains came last night as we sat under …

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Accomodation Smitten by Espiritu Santo

Smitten by Espiritu Santo

Who would have thought that in the last twelve months I would have been to Vanuatu four times. For some travellers there is an unwritten rule that you don’t visit the same place twice. For us that rule has been broken more than once. In fact I can’t remember all the places that we have …

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Accomodation Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Santo, Vanuatu Island Paradise. Well it’s hard to believe that in six months would be to Vanuatu to 3 times, this time we decided we would visit the island of Espiritu Santo. Santo, is it known by the locals is the largest island of the 83 islands that make up the Vanuatu group. We haven’t really …

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