Accomodation Beautiful views and bad reviews Thailand Hotels

Beautiful views and bad reviews Thailand Hotels

Beautiful views and bad reviews Thailand While some hotels are beautiful and the people are wonderful there are something’s that just can’t be changed. We’ve stayed in a different places over the many years of travelling to Thailand and other parts of the globe but here’s a straight up appraisal on some of the places …

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Phuket Good bye Phuket

Good bye Phuket

Our last day in Phuket Rising early and letting Elena sleep I managed to catch up on a little blogging and spend time chatting to a friend who’s travelling through New Zealand. With no set plans I joked about maybe seeing a ladyboy show as at this point we’ve yet to take in a show …

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Accomodation Returning to Phuket

Returning to Phuket

Yes, in 2 1/2 weeks time we will be winging our way back to that little tropical Island that we fell in love with earlier this year. This time we’ll be meeting with our best friends there. We sold them on a journey that we took in 2007 – an Intrepid trip through Vietnam, Cambodia …

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Thailand Karon Beach – a cost comparison

Karon Beach – a cost comparison

Sometimes what looks and smells good is not a rose as we think. Trust me, if you close your eyes and smell a can of air freshener you could be mistaken that it’s a rose, that’s until you open your eyes and realize the difference. Case in hand with our findings on guest houses here in Karon …

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