Chelyabinsk Russia 1997 Romance Blooms

Russia 1997 Romance Blooms

Never drink at high altitude! Flying back from Russia and leaving Elena & Kirill behind was a tough decision but I really had no choice it was not my decision to make. We had to be calm and wait for the Medical Council in London to check all the documents. My two new Russian business men …

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Moscow Russia 1997 Part 3

Russia 1997 Part 3

Getting intimate with a Russian girl, “Next it was my turn to show the girls something…” Stop reading just the headlines! After the mornings success at immigration we were on to of the world as they in theory would allow Elena to leave Russia although there were loose ends we still had to tidy up. We were told by New Zealand Immigration that Elena would need an international Medical Certificate …

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Moscow Russia 1997 Part 2

Russia 1997 Part 2

Waking so early as I always do I just lay there, I was in Russia and lying only a few feet away were two Russian girls.  Ok now that I got you attention let me rephrase. Galina (my uncle’s sister -in-law) and Elena were top and tailed in the sofa bed and sound asleep as I careful rolled out of …

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Russia Russian Women, Why Me?

Russian Women, Why Me?

People ask how we met. So here’s a little about us. Back in the Early 90s Russia was falling apart. the break up of the soviet union left millions of people out of work and bought the country to its knees. There was nothing on the shelves in the shops and civil unrest. The Mafia …

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