Accomodation Bali V’s Thailand V’s Pacific

Bali V’s Thailand V’s Pacific

The Epic Tourism Showdown There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a tropical getaway. There’s the family destination that is proudly promoted by Fiji and there’s the budget packages for Thailand, then there’s the closest place to Australia Bali a favorite with Aussies. So here’s a personal view after visiting each destination …

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Accomodation Smitten by Espiritu Santo

Smitten by Espiritu Santo

Who would have thought that in the last twelve months I would have been to Vanuatu four times. For some travellers there is an unwritten rule that you don’t visit the same place twice. For us that rule has been broken more than once. In fact I can’t remember all the places that we have …

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Advice Vanuatu – Banks and Mortgages

Vanuatu – Banks and Mortgages

Buying in Vanuatu seems a little daunting but this was day three and armed with pieces of information from many sources and new found friends we were starting to form the basic principals of land ownership here in Port Vila. Firstly the Ownership part was cleared up, you don’t actually own the land as all …

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Accomodation 3 Nights in Vanuatu (Part 4)

3 Nights in Vanuatu (Part 4)

Vanuatu used to be known as the New Hebrides, it was a ‘condominium’ jointly administered by the French and the British until the Ni-Van people achieved their independence in 1986. Vanuatu has retained the best of both it’s French and British culture and most Ni-Van speak English French and Bislama (pigeon) and their own island …

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Accomodation Vanuatu for 3 nights (part 3)

Vanuatu for 3 nights (part 3)

Vanuatu is just an awesome place to visit. Only having 3 days thanks to Elena getting a travel agent’s deal we just were getting a small taste of what this tropical Island just 2.5 Hours from Brisbane has to offer. Travelling around the Island on the Quad bike works up and appetite. It’s well known …

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