Accomodation La Paz To Lima

La Paz To Lima

This is the longest video we’ve made and it’s almost as epic as the journey was. From incredible highs to tropical low’s this is a must do if your traveling through Peru. So, without telling the complete story, watch comment and share with friends.

Attractions The Cats of Parque Kennedy

The Cats of Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy, the heart of Miraflores, is home to painters, artisans, sellers of balloons and of delicious picarones. It is also home to around fifty cats that delight onlookers and tourists alike. But not everyone is so easy to impress – a group of neighbours, you know their type, has taken to complaining about them. …

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Colombia Lima to Bogota Colombia – Get me out of Peru!

Lima to Bogota Colombia – Get me out of Peru!

We’re leaving Peru today, a country with so much to offer and its colourful people and culture. From mountains to the shores of the pacific. To be honest Peru has really tested us both mentally and physically. It’s punished us more that Bolivia, but it has it’s good moments too it’s still a great place to …

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Peru Colca Canyon, Peru – In search of the condors

Colca Canyon, Peru – In search of the condors

Day One It’s 530am as the bus rolls into Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city. We won’t be here long as we’re literally dumping one of our small packs and embarking on yet another bus for a two day tour of the Colca Canyon. The bus pulls up outside or hostel with ease, for once we’ve …

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Peru Cusco on a Budget

Cusco on a Budget

Elena’s woken and she’s still not good, today we’re going to need to find a pharmacy. It seems she’s got a real bad case of gastro. We go downstairs for breakfast. It’s the same basic breakfast that’s served in most hostels in South America. Buns and jam, coffee, tea, juice and occasionally scrambled eggs. Elena …

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Peru Puno to Cusco

Puno to Cusco

  Our day starts early as we’re off to see the floating lakes of Lake Titicaca this morning before we embark on our us journey to Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu. The floating island are great and it’s a quick 2 hour tour before we return to Puno. Our Guide drops up back to …

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Peru The Floating Reed Islands Of Lake Titicaca

The Floating Reed Islands Of Lake Titicaca

We’re in Puno, Peru. This is the best place to see the Floating Reed Islands. With the geography of the lake and territorial boundaries you won’t be able to access them from Bolivia. As we arrived late the night before it seems only fitting that we’re now rising early to meet our guide at 6.15am. …

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Uncategorized Copacabana to Puno

Copacabana to Puno

We’re finally leaving Bolivia. It’s been one awesome trip through such a diverse landscape. We had no chance of a late check out as Hotel Las Olas is so popular they won’t even hold a room. Out check out was at 11 am so we milked every minute as we just fell in love with the …

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South America South America 2015 – The Travel Plan

South America 2015 – The Travel Plan

It’s now only November 2014 and with a nod from Elena’s bosses that she can take her long service next year the planning of a 3 1/2 month journey to South America starts to evolve. Our plan is to take form late September until early January and travel through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, …

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