Advice Life Changing Moments

Life Changing Moments

What does it take to make you realise you’ve been living your life wrong? Sometimes you whisper under your breath ” I hate my job” and wish that all could be changed. You wonder if there really is a way off the treadmill that you have created. You get up at some ungodly hour to …

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Asia Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

When Elena asked me what I want to do for my 50th birthday I was faced with simple choices and really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to stay at home and have a party with friends which I seem to do every year. But this is my 50th …

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Motivational The dream evolved

The dream evolved

12 months and 4 trips to Vanuatu later we are now proud owners of our own slice of “heaven” (even the island “Espiritu Santo” means “Holy Spirit” in Spanish). It is hard to believe that almost a year ago we were busy selling our family home of 9 years , anxiously waiting for the offer …

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Australia Motorbike Rides – Mt Tamborine

Motorbike Rides – Mt Tamborine

  As an avid motorbike rider I seen a few good roads in my time. Some of them a little too close, resulting in a serious accident in October 2011. But I’m still here and still riding, only bigger and better now. For those who have read more than this page you’ know that there’s and up …

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Thailand Transport in Phuket

Transport in Phuket

There are many ways of getting where you need to go on the Island of Phuket. For scooters, taxis, buses and hell if you’re going all out even private limousine service ad I got from the airport by mistake! Key take a look at what each has to offer. Starting at the top of the food chain. The ever so cunning limousine …

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Motorbike Rides Scooting around Phuket

Scooting around Phuket

I now have a couple of days before my next appointment I thought I would hire a motorbike and go exploring. Armed with my licence and my newly acquired international licence I approach end the counter and filled out the form that pretty much tells me “you break you buy”. With no provision on the …

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