Accomodation Bali V’s Thailand V’s Pacific

Bali V’s Thailand V’s Pacific

The Epic Tourism Showdown There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a tropical getaway. There’s the family destination that is proudly promoted by Fiji and there’s the budget packages for Thailand, then there’s the closest place to Australia Bali a favorite with Aussies. So here’s a personal view after visiting each destination …

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Attractions Santo Signals

Santo Signals

There are those rare moments when you think “yes I’m meant to be in this place at this particular moment in time”. These moments come, and when you recognise them in your life a surreal magic happens. But before we get to last nights magical moment I need to bring you up to speed. Everyone …

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Vanuatu Saying goodbye to Santo

Saying goodbye to Santo

It’s the final day, tomorrow we’ll be back to work and dreaming of our Island here in Espiritu Santo Vanuatu. The last 5 days we’ve connected with so many new friends. From French expats and Neighbors to Hotel and motel owners. Everyone feels like lifetime friends. It’s so hard to leave, but we know that …

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Accomodation Espiritu Santo – The friendliest place on the planet

Espiritu Santo – The friendliest place on the planet

Cities, we live in them because we believe that there is strength in numbers. We have learnt throughout the centuries that by banding together we can conquer our enemies and build incredible structures that can stand the sands of time. Yet the one thing that we seem to have lost in large cities is to …

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Accomodation Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Santo, Vanuatu Island Paradise. Well it’s hard to believe that in six months would be to Vanuatu to 3 times, this time we decided we would visit the island of Espiritu Santo. Santo, is it known by the locals is the largest island of the 83 islands that make up the Vanuatu group. We haven’t really …

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