Cuba Cuba, Our 10 Day Journey

Cuba, Our 10 Day Journey

In a first of many to come we take a look at 10 days traveling through a country that’s about to undergo radical changes and the thawing of economic relations take hold. Cuba is a curiosity to the rest of the world. Clinging onto it’s traditions and believes Cubans are proud of their country. It’s …

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Cuba What to do in Viñales, Cuba

What to do in Viñales, Cuba

It maybe a small Cuban town but it’s a large player on the Cuban tourist triangle. If you’re planning a trip to Cuba there’s three places you’re probably going to want to check out. Obviously Havana, Trinadad for its beaches and Viñales for its limestone mountains, rich agricultural farmlands, and most hospitable locals. From where …

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Cuba Havana to Viñales Cuba

Havana to Viñales Cuba

So the story goes you haven’t experienced the real Cuba until you’ve  tried a real Cuban cigar, well its easy to buy them in Havana but to go to the source and buy direct from the farmer is the only way to experience the real Cuban cigar. With plans of getting a bus to Viñales …

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Accomodation Bogota to Havana Cuba

Bogota to Havana Cuba

Well it’s goodbye to Colombia today, it’s been an interesting journey through a country that’s and a bad reputation that it still haven’t shaken off. The Drugs are still here it’s just the drug lords are no so powerful as  they once were. It’s the one country where our travel plans were besieged with problems. …

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South America South America 2015 – The Travel Plan

South America 2015 – The Travel Plan

It’s now only November 2014 and with a nod from Elena’s bosses that she can take her long service next year the planning of a 3 1/2 month journey to South America starts to evolve. Our plan is to take form late September until early January and travel through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, …

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