Accomodation Settling on Santo.

Settling on Santo.

Today marks a huge turning point in our lives. Today we’ll set foot on the land that we bought just a couple of months ago. Emotions are mixed, Elena told me last night that the whole project is daunting and the worries are now setting in. The rains came last night as we sat under …

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Advice Vanuatu – Banks and Mortgages

Vanuatu – Banks and Mortgages

Buying in Vanuatu seems a little daunting but this was day three and armed with pieces of information from many sources and new found friends we were starting to form the basic principals of land ownership here in Port Vila. Firstly the Ownership part was cleared up, you don’t actually own the land as all …

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Accomodation Vanuatu Real Estate – We go bargain hunting

Vanuatu Real Estate – We go bargain hunting

3 Days later and we are back in Australia with a little more of what’s gong on in Vanuatu and probably more confused than ever. The last few days have been a whirlwind. Arriving late into the evening with Janelle not recognising us (yet after several emails…oh well) we crawled into bed with a plan …

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