Espiritu Santo – Settlement

Espiritu Santo – Settlement

We talked about this day for weeks. The thought of actually reaching this day was always far off into the future and yet here we are.

Port Olry - Espiritu Santo
Port Olry – Espiritu Santo. 35km from our new home

Elena sent me a text message today saying that all our money has now been transferred to Vanuatu and the settlement will go through on Friday. It’s finally happened, we’ll be the owners of a tropical beach and land in the South Pacific.

To be honest I have mixed emotions, I should be over the moon, but I’m not. It’s a calm and reserved feeling tonight knowing that laid out in front of me is a lifelong challenge of developing this property into something that we can be proud of yet retain all of the natural beauty that we fell in love with. I don’t want to remove one tree less that is absolutely necessary. I want to care for this land with the respect that it deserves.

Natanara Beach - Espiritu Santo - Vanuatu, our very own beach.
Natanara Beach – Espiritu Santo – Vanuatu


We received the land raw and in it’s natural form and as carers of the land for the next 65 years we want to leave the land developed and yet harmonious with nature at the time where we too will hand our dream to the next carer.

It will be a year from now before we develop as we want to freehold the land prior to building.

I feel blessed that I’ve got a partner who shares the same dream and has a passion for nature, organic living and helping me to realize that possessions are the passion of petty people who have not yet discovered the reachable dream of freedom.

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