Selling our house

Selling our house

Well it’s almost that time.

Over the last year we have considered selling the house and putting the money into the bank to prepare for our RTW journey.

To some we are considered crazy, why would we sell the house that we have worked so hard for?

It’s all about choices and with our recent trip to Phuket we discovered how little you really do need once you decide to travel.

Now before you all go out there and sell all your worldly belongings here is the strategy that lies behind the thought.

Selling the house will free up our cash flow. What it means is that instead of pouring our money into a mortgage, instead we will be saving the money into an account. (about $3000 per month). We will have to live somewhere while we are saving and currently the cost of renting is cheaper than paying the house off. We even considered taking in boarders into all of our spare rooms but we still like our privacy and knowing boarders the income stram would not be regular.

Our house is expensive to run with the 65,000ltr swimming pool to run. Our power costs will be lower, no rates bill every quarter and no maintenance to pay (or do!).

All that’s left to prepare for the sale now is a quick paint over the outside (which being in the industry of paint will be easy) and to put fresh bark in all the gardens.

The market in Brisbane is slowly picking up, but the longer we wait the further we will have to push the trip back and if the housing market moves faster we will have the money in the bank to purchase and flip another house.

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