Advice 10 Top Tips To Save For Long-Term Travel 

10 Top Tips To Save For Long-Term Travel 

Top tips to save for long-term travel  Tip 1. Don’t plan your trip – plan what to sell. Sometimes it’s far too easy to get carried away making plans and daydreaming about where you want to go when you finally have the money and time to travel. Well you have decided that you want to travel right? …

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Advice How to deal with Altitude Sickness

How to deal with Altitude Sickness

As we were heading to South America for 2 1/5 months and some of this time we’d be at high altitudes I thought it timely to do a little research on a pretty serious subject Altitude Sickness. What is Altitude Sickness? “Altitude Sickness” refers to the group of illnesses due to exposure to high altitude especially …

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Bali What happens when you don’t have Travel Insurance

What happens when you don’t have Travel Insurance

You finally decide on that dream destination for your holiday and save up your hard earned cash. You put yourself on a strict budget so that you can squeeze out every dollar for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Your friends ask you “how long to go now”, and are envious of your travel plans. …

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Espiritu Santo Travel or Property? … Our Agonising Decision

Travel or Property? … Our Agonising Decision

Sometimes Emotions can get the better of you… Some time back we started to amass a property portfolio. While some may think, wow that’s just what I want it’s not all candy and sweets. For those who want the property tycoon lifestyle, be sure you read this to the end. It may have you questioning …

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Asia Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

Motorbike Ride Northern Thailand

When Elena asked me what I want to do for my 50th birthday I was faced with simple choices and really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. Part of me wanted to stay at home and have a party with friends which I seem to do every year. But this is my 50th …

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Portugal Sintra – Portugal

Sintra – Portugal

When I mentioned to a friend in Australia that we were going to be spending a few days in Lisbon the immediate reaction was “Mate, go to Sintra”. So with a little endorsement and very little research, we clambered into a local train for the hour long ride to this iconic ancient town. History Sintra …

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Mexico Mexico living on a budget

Mexico living on a budget

We’ve been looking around the globe finding places that will fit our long term travel budget and yet still hold an attraction for us to live there for extended periods of time. Mexico has been on the radar ever since we first visited the Yucatan Peninsula in 2015  and while Playa Del Carman is one of …

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Europe Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

Leaving behind Marrakesh and its wonderful Mint tea, we got our fist taste of Portugal. Sitting and waiting for a short 1 hour flight that for some reason took 5 hours to depart. While Marakesh was moderate with its temperature the Airpot waiting area was akin to Antarctica. Finally we arrived in darkness. So much …

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Uncategorized What if Airlines sold Paint?

What if Airlines sold Paint?

  Snooping around the net I came across this interesting article about my own industry and also Elena’s. Honestly it covers our day to day lives while at work perfectly. Buying paint from a hardware store … Customer: Hi. How much is your paint? Clerk: We have regular quality for $12 a gallon and premium …

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Africa Morocco – Marrakech

Morocco – Marrakech

When someone mentions Africa you think of poverty, despair, hunger and Bob Geldof. When you mention North Africa, you think of countries like Syria and the current conflict. But if someone said let’s go to Morocco what would you think? My initial thoughts were, here’s a country perched on the edge of the desert, I …

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