Organic Eating Update

Organic Eating Update

I had all intentions of updating a blog about my new-found lifestyle but as they say “life happens” and I never got around to it. Just as well Wayne is the main driver of this blog as my commitment will be so inconsistent!

Well it’s been now 2.5 months since going “organic” and no, we haven’t given up but slowly it’s becoming more of a norm for us as a family.

First question people ask “ isn’t organic expensive”?  My honest answer will be “ yes, it is more expensive than conventional food”.

Is it possible to eat organic on a budget? I believe so however it would be interesting to hear from someone on a very limited budget who still eats organic. Want to know my little money saving secret? Soups. Yep, they are tasty, great for cold winter days and can stretch your money a fair bit.

Or grocery budget went up but our eating out budget went down, as we don’t eat out as much. We love to have a nice breakfast at organic market in Brisbane when we make the trip though. It is affordable and tasty. We save 50c off out drinks by bringing our own cups, cool hey?

Is it hard to find organic food? Again you may not find it in “one stop shop” (aka supermarket) but I was actually surprised how many places and options are there.

Here is our routine:

We order weekly fruit and veggie box from local CSA through

I find their fruit and veggies are excellent and we eat a lot of it now.That’s another thing I have noticed that because our food is more expensive we tend to use every piece and not waste anything!

I order our organic meat (beef, pork, chicken) from another store –

They deliver it in Styrofoam boxes to our door. The delivery fee is $11.50 so now I got into routine of ordering once a fortnight so $5.75 per week delivery charge is not too bad.


When needed we go to organic shop – Flannerys which is about 10-15 drive from our home. Again we probably go once in 3 weeks and buy flour, cereals, nuts, dry fruits, etc.


Northey st organic market is at city farm in Windsor, they are open Sunday morning only from 6am to 10am. You can easily do all your weekly shopping there, from fruits, veggies to meat and milk. The downside for us it is 30mins drive and if you are not up early on Sunday you’ll miss it. They have a very nice Chai Café (plus a couple of other eating places) which are excellent way to start your day. Summer perhaps is the better season to do it!

Recently I’ve discovered another organic shop – Wray Organic. They have a café right there. The best of both worlds! They are a bit further than Flannerys (in opposite direction) but again it is a very nice place to do your shopping and have breakfast/lunch, etc.

The most interesting thing is that I don’t crave junk food; I don’t have to limit or stop myself not to eat certain foods. I am really enjoying the taste of salads, roasted vegetable dishes I make, soups and fruits. I love it!


But guess what? Eating organic was just the beginning. Once you start that journey you discover a “parallel” world that is there to be explored.

Read my next blog about personal hygiene and being organic.

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  1. Hey guys, was lovely to meet you both at Mountain Designs last night. Just had a quick look around your sight. Love it! It’s refreshing to chat with such a lovely grounded couple. Decided to comment on this blog as I’m a bit of a organic nerd too(at least I try to be:))
    Best of luck with your adventures!

    1. Hey Christie, WOW so cool to get a comment from you 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much, Elena writes the Organic Update and is sometimes a little slow on the update, so you will inspire her (hopefully) – Looking forward to Thailand on Saturday with her newly purchased backpack 🙂

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