New Zealand through the eyes of a new comer – 1997

Elena and Kirill’s arrival into New Zealand was a played down affair. There was no gathering of family members, just me and my huge bunch of flowers standing at the arrival gates of Auckland International Airport.
I got off work early and raced across the city watching the skies to see Elena’s flight come in to land.
Watching the glass sliding doors open and her stepping through seemed surreal, they were here at last.
It took me by surprise that Elena was so impressed with my car “You have a Nissan – Japanese Exotic Car” Um Yup, most cars in NZ are Japanese. Apparently in Chelyabinsk most cars are from Europe.

Dream of the beach
Elena & Kirill’s 1st day in NZ – Pihia Beach

I promised Elena in Russia that the first place I would take her was the beach as she had never in her life seen the ocean, so the day after she and Kirill Arrived I took her to Auckalnd’s best surf beach – Pihia.  The first month were all new experiences and I started to feel proud of my country and showing Elena places of my past.

our first room

Our room at the boarding house – this is all we could afford

Living at my Fathers home was always going to be strained as after 1 month of tension we moved to my uncles boarding house. Not the way I had planned our start in New Zealand, but was started with nothing and were determined to make a go of our relationship. Elena was so interested in history and meeting with my family the months filled up and out life was busy. Elena was determined to contribute to the family and seeing a help wanted sign in the front of a restaurant she secured herself a job waiting in tables in a Turkish restaurant.  From there she moved on and found a job in a Childcare Centre.

Our Wedding – Valentines Day 1997

Months move on and Elena and I traveled all around the North Island Of New Zealand every spare weekend that we could I wanted to Show Elena all of my world. With little money and saving by Elena we finally managed to rent out first home. This was the same time that we started our on-line dating business and met someone who would lead us toward buying our first home. It’s amazing the opportunities that come your way when you help others.

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