Buying land in Vanuatu

Buying land in Vanuatu

After coming back from what we now call Santo the dream of owning our very own slice of paradise has never been far from our minds.

But with Elena’s busy period of the year being June – July there really wasn’t a lot of time to focus on making an offer on the land. We just had to wait until she got back from Hong  Kong.

We talked constantly about what a good offer should be and with good friends in Port Villa giving advice and with Elena’s constant research we narrowed down our offer price.

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Our uncleared land

The rumors around Vanuatu is that the list price can be slashed by at least 30% so this gave us a good starting point. Our other ammunition was that we knew the property had in the past been offered as one entire block and finding a derelict sign with the whole block, the asking price and a date of 4 years prior only fueled our quest.

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Our very own beach

The email to Warren at First National Santo was written….

Hi Warren,

We hoped to get back to you sooner, but with Elena having a few weeks
away due to work commitments we are finally ready to discuss an offer
on a property in Santo.
We would like to make an offer on Lot ** at Natanara Beach that we
inspected with Torquil back in June on our last trip to Santo.

Our offer would be a $***** AUD cash offer with a quick settlement of 60 days.

Please let  the sellers know that we are serious buyers and we feel
that our offer is reasonable given that the land had been for sale for
several years and it’s not cleared.

The condition of sale we would like to stipulate would be:
– Valuer ( chosen at buyers discretion) would be able to appraise the
lot at purchased price(not lower).
– there are no disputes with original ownership/title.
– 14 day cooling off period.

Should this offer be accepted please advise as to what steps need to
be taken to get everything organised i.e bank details, deposits etc.
We are very keen and motivated buyers.

Kind Regards

Wayne & Elena

There were a couple of emails back and fourth, but we found to our amazement  that the rumors are true and our offer was accepted!


In two months from now we will own 2.5 acres of beachfront land in the tropical South Pacific

Hello to our new neighborhood

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Yes…. this is OUR beach

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