Going Going….. Gone!

299307_10151099874592073_488883087_nIt’s always hard to let go of something that becomes part of your life. Getting up on the morning you wander in the darkness down the hall.

You put your hand up and indistinctly know where the light switch is in the toilet (we hope) and the creaking of the step in the stairs that you know will kick in on a certain step.

The smell and knowing that everything has a place, well almost everything there’s the exception for the tools your children borrow and there’s always the misplaced car keys that seem to be blamed on you.

Memories of your home are happy, angry and funny. But there comes a time when selling happens.

226252_10150201983502073_3974099_nWe made this decision some time ago and now we are at this point in our lives. We walk around the house and use sayings like “The house is too big” or “We need a single level as we get older”, but in reality we just need to move on as owning a house is not part of our plan when travelling.

We still own several houses in New Zealand and while some might consider us as rich let me explain that none of them are cash-flow positive and to sell them now we would get less than we paid for them. Getting good tenants is also another problem and one house has been empty for over a year. Not all landlords are wealthy.

By selling we hope to be able to save our mortgage payment and put it into our travel fund. We are still not sure if we will buy a smaller house or rent. I guess this is all part of the change – The “we don’t quite have a set plan” stage.

375284_10150456503682073_1864899695_nThe market is what we believe to be rock bottom and it’s not a great time to sell, but with time as our enemy we have to act now. On the positive side, if house prices start to move we’ll probably buy a cheaper house to tidy up and resell before we start our motorbike journey around Australia in July 2015

It’s going to be an interesting week as we approach the Real Estate Agents this weekend to get appraisals on what our family home is worth after so much work.


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