Global House Minders

Global House Minders

You’ve packed the car, planned everything down to the last pair of socks in your luggage. The pets are in the boarding kennels, the neighbour is feeding the goldfish, but you still wonder and worry about leaving your home unattended. We have a solution that you may want to consider.


Are you planning your dream holiday or just contemplating accepting a new job?

Then you think of your beloved home , plants and pets….

How much would it cost to have someone look after them all?

With us the answer is NOTHING!!!!


What does a professional house sitter do?

A house sitter’s job description is as varied as the individual client’s needs.


Some benefits of having a professional house sitter include:

  • You can plan ahead
  • Your house will be more secure if someone is on the premises
  • While you are gone your pets can stay at home
  • Plants, gardens and yards can be maintained
  • Mail can be collected
  • Bills can be paid
  • Daily updates can be forwarded to you via emails or phone
  • Dehumidifiers can be operated
  • Your refrigerator can be stocked before you return
  • Allows for the gentle overseeing of other hired help

And much, much, more.

We have had experience in House-sitting and are happy to discuss this assignment with you next time you need to travel:)