Espiritu Santo – Part 1

Espiritu Santo – Part 1

The Santo Story

Our love for Vanuatu is incredible, the people and culture and the pure essence of happiness. This is our raw honest  and humble experience of over 3 years of owning land in the tropical Pacific Island of Espiritu Santo

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Every time people ask where is your land?  So here’s how to get there.




Just over a year ago we bought 2.5 acres in Espiritu Santo Vanuatu, now its time to develop that land into our home. Although its going to take several years to complete the project, this is stage one.

In 3 days time we’ll be on our block carving out a place to build a small shed.

I really don’t understand it, every other time we’re traveled we’re not stressed but this morning I’ve woken with a headache and Elena is dancing on eggshells. I dare not say anything to trigger the tension that is becoming apparent. Usually our luggage is easy, but because we plan on developing the block there’s a massive amount of camping equipment being stowed this time.

Compounding the whole event is the fact that it’s Elena’s birthday, her Mum’s here from Russia and we only have but moments to catch up, celebrate and say goodbyes.

Oh and on top of all that we’ve been trying to rent out one room at home and today of all days our newest boarder is arriving to pay his bond and will be moving in while we are away!

In a few hours we’ll be off to the airport and spending the next 3.5 months living out of a suit case. Yup 3.5 months, 1 in Espiritu Santo and then we’ll be home for a weekend before embarking on 2.5 months in South America.

It’s now raining here in Brisbane and it’s time to put the bags into the car. It’s time to feed our beloved cat and get in one last cuddle, I’m gonna miss the old bastard. At least I won’t be woken by him every morning at 4.30am for breakfast.

We’ve weighed all the bags and we’re just on the limit (we hope).

Next stop, Anabaru Lodge in Port Vila to stay with our friend Sylvie for the night

Arriving at Anabru lodge and putting our clock forward one hour only serves to deprive us of much needed sleep

My mobile is our lifeline when it comes to rising early for our next flight to Espiritu Santo however the date and time hasn’t reset so having to coordinate the countdown timer and the local time proves testing to two very tired tourists.

The humidity hits you especially after a rainy departure from Brisbane, but with Sylvie our friend form Anaburu Lodge quickly checking us in we’re soon trying to grab a few precious hours of sleep, I just wish that someone will tell that dog and rooster that it’s the middle of the bloody night

I don’t know what it is with people checking out and talking loudly, for goodness sake it’s only 4.30 am and I’ve already lost an hour with the time zone change. The sun will be up in another hour and I’ve never wanted to sleep in more than this morning

Waking to the faithful familiar sound of the alarm I stagger to the shower. Rule number one when operating a shower check where the shower head is pointing BEFORE you turn it on. Cold water to the body is the most refreshing wake up call

Our domestic flight is an early departure 730am. This time we’re loaded with bags and Air Vsnuatu are strict with carry on luggage. The check in guy weighs our bags and we’re all good phew… That’s until we go through the boarding gate and my carry on bag won’t fit in the little bag size tester. Seems that I’m only allowed a 5kg limit. Elena just walks past and escapes the crew checking bag weights. Now I have one unlabelled bag in the plane somewhere. Let’s hope it gets to Santo

It’s a quick 50 minute flight to Luganvile and with arriving so early let’s hope Marie and Lois at Hibiscus Attraction Centre have a room ready for all our bags.

Today is shopping day, with our stocking up with supplies … Oh don’t forget toilet paper, pillows, canned food, a can opener…. Beer……mmmm beer…

Thankfully Marie and Lois had our room ready and warm greetings and smiles Marie even remembered Elena’s birthday was yesterday.