Dining Out Cheap In Chiang Mai

Dining Out Cheap In Chiang Mai

Dining out cheap in Chiang Mai is an easy process. The minute you step into the streets you’ll find that your senses will pick up the aromas of thai cooked food. And if your not an adventurous person when it comes to eating. you’ll still find a great meal with ingredients that you’ll recognise.

Chiang Mai street market by Tha Pae Gate

If you have a reluctance to street food then personally it’s time for you to leave Chiang Mai as this is one of the best ways to really get to grips with the full on flavor of the district. This walking market area really comes alive in the evening from about 6pm, yes it’s crowded but the smells, noise and hustle and bustle is all worth it to get the atmosphere going. When a noodle and garlic sausage on a stick cost 20thb and a massive plate of Thai Noodle is 40thb you can seriously do dinner here for under 100thb per person ($3.50AUD). Oh, make sure you find the couple selling Roti, I ordered banana and egg with condensed milk x2 and took them home to heat up for breakfast. They cost 40thb each and are the best!

Street Food is a must when in Chiang Mai

Johns Place

If you’re looking for a great bar wit lots of expats and tourist to chill back and swap traveling stories this is the place to check out. Set over three levels and complete with a roof top bar it’s a great venue either day or night. The food is good and the smells coming from the kitchen will make you want to order eve if you’re just using the place as a last call before calling it a night. Johns Place is about 400m from Tha Pae Gate on the Old City side of the moat.

John’s Place is a hit with Ex-Pats and a great place to grab a beer from the far corners of the planet

Tiger Kingdom in town

Tiger Kingdom (in Town). This place is run by the same company that run the Attraction where you can get up close and personal with a real tiger.
Music here is great and with a local band belting out a smooth Latino mix and a few sixties hits it just set the mood. However if the music get a bit loud ask to sit out the back, there’s a big screen there so you can still see the band.
Located on Tha Pae Gate side of town it’s easy to find and the meals are prices at a rate that is acceptable for a larger restaurant.

North Gate Cafe

North Gate Cafe

Another popular place with expats is North Gate Cafe
This place is right in the centre of the old city and if it’s a good green curry chicken you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed here. It’s right on the corner and for lunch has a peasant sunny position.


Morma Delicious

Not being organised meant we had to take our chances on where to have Christmas dinner as the two places we had thought of earlier in the week were now fully booked out. So just walking the streets we found a little gem tucked just behind Johns Place at Tha Pae Gate.
This place lives up to its name literally. If you come here make sure that after devouring one of their famous meals you leave room for desert. I tried their mango and sweet sticky rice pudding. In one word…..Wow! Even though the waitress apologised that the mangos were not as sweet as they should be (out of season) I was still impressed at the flavours. In fact after completing the Mae Hong Son Loop in a few days time I’m going back for seconds.

At the time of writing this Morma Delicious was ranked 20th of over 1000 restaurants in all of Chiang Mai.

Have you visited any great places for dining in Chiang Mai? What are your suggestions that haven’t been mentioned. Please comment below.

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