Vietnam – Chau Doc

Vietnam – Chau Doc

Sometimes when you travel you get to go to places that you have never heard of and this was the case with the small town of Chau Doc. We knew nothing of the place until taking an in Intrepid Tour that took us through the Mei Kong Delta of Vietnam and into Cambodia. We were to stay here only one night before taking a boat up the Mei Kong to Phnom Phen, Cambodia’s Capital city.

Chau Doc - Bassac River - Vietnam

Perched on the edge of the Bassac River the town is alive with traffic both in the streets and on the river.

Settling into our hotel we soon discovered the mosquito’s and how to set up the net’s that would be our saviour for the night.  Thuan Loi Hotel is located at 18 Tran Hung Dao St, Riverside, Chau Doc, Vietnam


Sam Mountain Vietnam

Our Guide had organised a little side trip for us, a trip up Sam Mountain  It’s well worth the journey and the best times are morning or sunset to see the beauty of the landscape. Sam Mountain is a famous mountain in Chau Doc, about 7km from the city. Its summit is about 1000 meters above sea level.

The Chau Doc Covered Market is a great place to check out. Although the smells of the meat section can get up your nose at times so the trick is to breathe through you mouth and shallow breaths. Markets fascinate us with the huge variety of local produce and make for great photo opportunities of the locals, just remember to ask and not poke your camera where it’s not welcomed.

I’ve read some reviews of the place and they are quite mixed, remember if you travel to Chau Doc that this is a third world country and it’s not filled with the comforts of home. it’s best to go with the flow and this place can surprise you with its friendly locals. It’s a shame that we were only passing through, I would have liked to spend a few more days here.

Oh – MYTH BUSTED! – The Mei Kong is not that polluted, last nights dinner was Bassa Fish straight out of the river! …… mmm…. Fresh Fish 🙂



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