Killing Fields Choeungek Cambodia2My outlook on world hunger and poverty is rapidly changing while I am here in Cambodia. There was a time that I thought that charity starts at home, however in New Zealand and Australia there is absolutely no reason for there to be starving or homeless people. You have a well-organized welfare system. Cambodia does not. The Children here are the result of Pol Pot’s maniacal madness and now the whole country is suffering. Only three options are available to the survival of Cambodia – Agriculture, Tourism and education

As we entered into Cambodia the landscape changed in an instant. No more did we see little wooden houses built on top of the river and the familiar chug chug of the little fishing boats and rice barges, suddenly it was as if by design the river opened is banks up and allowed us to see deep into the soul of the country side. Suddenly there was nothing but the river, the riverbanks and us, not a person to be seen.

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intrepidOur journey through Cambodia was with Intrepid Tours and was our first small group tour. This is a great way to experience the true culture of Cambodia and will allow you we get up close to what really happened here in the late 19th century. Intrepid run tours pretty much daily and have a selection of different initiatory to suit both your time and budget.

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