Building a house on Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Building a house on Espiritu Santo Vanuatu


Finally after 2 months of waiting our papers are all filed and we now own a 65 year lease on our new property in Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

The building of out next project will begin with us taking a trip to the island and surveying for driveway access and building positioning. Our number one priority is to have minimal impact on the environment.

There will be a lot of research going on and in talking to different people we’re starting to see a direction is what we would like to build on our little slice of paradise.

Speaking with a colleague at work I’ve discovered that a client has purchased land in the cook islands and is planning to import a demount-able home from China.Last night saw me frantically searching the internet finding websites and comparing prices with what we had been looking at here in Brisbane Australia.

The unit we were looking at in our own suburb was only small, however that’s all we really need. Too many people go overboard in building a house. We want to be debt free and enjoy what we have and not be constrained to working forever to pay the loans off like so many others.

Cant wait …. in 3 weeks we will be in Paradise!!!!

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