4 Days in China’s capital gave us the taste of real Chinese


​As it was Jane and Maxim who drove us from Chelyabinsk to Ekaterinburg Mum thought she would tag along. The normally 4 hour bus trip was shortened this way and gave us a few more moments together. Although room was tight in the little Toyota Corolla we somehow manage the journey without complaint.


Stopping only once for a quick comfort stop in what could only be the most uncomfortable toilets on the journey so far and we had to pay 10 roubles each for the privilege (or should I say experience).


Ekaterinburg’s international airport is larger than Chelyabinsk and with 4 aircraft leaving at similar times I have visions of my recently reunited luggage heading to Dubai rather than Beijing. With final hugs, handshakes and promises to see each other again soon we shuffled through the departure gates and family disappeared behind the frosted glass doors.
Our flight would take 6 hours across Russia, Mongolia and China arriving at 2.15am, which is 2 hours ahead of Chelyabinsk and Ekatetinburg. So for us it would be like a midnight arrival. Being used to staying up that late for the last couple of weeks we thought this flight would suit us fine.
Beijing’s International Airport is huge. Arriving as late as we did we prearranged a car to take us to the hostel we would be staying for the next 4 nights. I was glad we organized this. Driving down some back alley only to find yourselves trapped behind a small truck unloading bricks would set off alarm bells in some peoples heads, me I just didn’t care. I’ve lost my luggage once one this trip was the thought going through my head.
After much yelling from the cab driver the truck moved, we literally rounded the corner and were confronted by the huge red iron doors to the hostel.

With the cab driver ringing the doorbell and taking our luggage we were soon ushered into a small courtyard. I could make out the distinct Chinese architecture of the building.

Crawling into our beds and convincing my mind that the sound of the air conditioner was rain on the roof I drifted off to sleep.

We had made it to the country I dreamed of visiting, I was in China.


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