Simply Asia is not enough of a description, Asia is such a well loved and revered continent and we’ve only scratched the surface.

We started traveling to Asia in 2000 and see Thailand as our first country to “settle down” in once we are traveling full time.


Next to Vanuatu, Thailand is the most visited of all countries we have seen. And soon it will be our first home in a string of places we’ll be living in. Thailand has a way of just drawing you in. From beaches and mountains, crazy Cities and quiet villages Thailand is the destination if you want that deep connection to Asia


Beware the sleeping Dragon, China is no longer sleeping and amercing yourself into Beijing you’ll feel like an alien in a sea of people that (unless you speak Mandarin) chatter in a language where nothing is familiar.


Bullet Trains, Black suits, Businessmen and massive factories churning out automobiles is only one side of Japan. The other is serene, quiet, submissive and so deep in tradition that is captivates you into a gentle world were no one wishes disharmony upon each other and is in almost perfect balance with nature.


Lost children, Orphanages and atrocities. These are the remnants of what is left after Pol Pots genocide of the Cambodian people. It’s a country where we laughed with Orphans and cried over people we never knew Cambodia is finally clawing it’s way back and rediscovering it’s beauty. It’s young people are resilient, tourism is on the rise…


War doesn’t determine who is right, war determines who is left. Vietnam didn’t ask for war but it came to them anyway, now as Communism rules the country, Vietnam quietly moves on. The world forgot Vietnam, but the backpacking tourists didn’t. Now Vietnam is blossoming as a mecca for those who need to have every country in their passport


What’s the capital of Singapore? It’s a hard one to answer when there is only one city perched on a small Island as the most Southern point in Asia. Singapore is a shopping heaven and one of the best places to dip your toe if you’ve never experienced any Asian country. Colonised by the British, language is easy here and it’s almost impossible to get lost. Singapore makes a great stop over destination.

Hong Kong

It seems that Elena travels more and Hong Kong is more Globetrotting Single as this is one place where Elena explored on her own ( kind of work perk). Hong Kong is a bustling and thriving place. Now firmly back in the hands of China after a 99 year lease to the United Kingdom. Although it’s vastly different to downtown Beijing. While its technically Chinese it take in a more European meets the far east  in this crazy metropolis.


Once again Elena travels alone, Macau may be confused with Hong Kong, but is is technically it’s own country and although heavily controlled by China it acts autonomously as the countries gambling capital where fortunes are won and lost at the roll of a dice.


Say Indonesia and one thinks a backward bunch of islands, but when you say Bali everyone knows where you are. While Bali is part of Indonesia the cultures are vastly different. Indonesia is predominantly Muslim where as Bali is Hindi. The two tolerate each other  and dance the political dance over tourism which is the mainstay for Bali’s survival.