About Us

About Us


Our backgrounds are not that different.

If you’re on this page you’re here because you want a little of what we are doing and you’re curious to see if our type of lifestyle choice would be something you can do, you’re already entertaining the thought just by being here.

We are a New Zealand and Russian couple who have managed to blur the lines between working and having a travelling lifestyle that gives us what we consider the best of both worlds.

Elena still works in the travel sector and Wayne divides his time between commercial trade sales and developing this site.

As we are not people who live it up in fancy hotels we are able to afford more from our travels. We like the idea of volunteering and belong to an on-line community  called couchsurfing which gives us the luxury of meeting new friends and mixing it with locals as we travel. 

So if we are working you probably are wondering how we plan to travel?

Our goal is simple, Save money… lots of it. Since 2015 we have lived on one wage and sold off some of our property portfolio, now we have 2 more years to go before the reach our goal. Has it been a struggle? Only in our heads, as we play mind games about our wants, dreams, desires and our ultimate goal.

Since 2011 when Wayne had his motorcycle accident our life changed, we no longer desired all the trappings of modern society  that take your entire life to pay off. So we started downsizing our lives, learning to live with what we have. Now we can’t wait to live our lives out of a backpack .


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A little more about us

A lot of people had asked how we met, the answer to that is to read all blogs on our site about Russia.

From 1998 – 2004 we ran our own internet dating business that had the largest database in Australasia of Russian and Eastern European Ladies. in November of 2001 a film company asked us to help them make a documentary about our business. Here is that Documentary….

From Russia With Love – Part 1

From Russia With Love – Part 2

From Russia With Love – Part 3

From Russia With Love – Part 4

From Russia With Love – Part 5

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